Better Manufacturing Decisions Each Time, Every Time

Our predictive software takes in data from every single piece of equipment at your factory, in real time. We help you make more with the equipment you have, drastically reduce wastage and optimize manufacturing processes to save you hundred of thousands of dollars at each plant

Be at your effective best

Our platform helps you bolster Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), perform advanced calculations for quality, performance and waste, see which assets are performing well and which aren’t, and how they’re likely to perform in the future with industrial AI and Machine Learning


Minimize downtime and extra spend

Use our predictive algorithms to radically minimize downtime and consistently hit production targets. Reduce the need for overtime or resources for production capacity surges. Use our ML-powered anomaly detection systems to improve first-pass yield and reduce raw material spend

Improve asset work balance

Optimize your assets’ work balance with our platform, and reduce costs associated with any kind of asset impediments - idling, starving blocking, etc. Use our predictive algorithms to prioritize both your financial and labor expenditure