An End To End Smart Factory Application

Our Factory.360 platform combines equipment, shop floor and ERP data to create a comprehensive, 360-degree profile of your factory. Leverage powerful Machine Learning algorithms to drive world-class productivity, efficiency and effectiveness

AI-powered manufacturing at your fingertips

Factory.360 doesn’t just tell you which processes to optimize, it uses advanced Machine Learning algorithms to unlock revenue you didn’t know existed. Driven by world-class data science, Factory.360 processes years’ worth of data in a matter of minutes, and shows you just what you need to save time, effort and money

Machine Operators

Factory.360 processes machine data, historical plant data and uses pre-built failure models to help reduce unplanned downtime, optimize asset performance and schedule the right repairs faster and with greater accuracy.


Everything you need for manufacturing excellence



Monitors present conditions and likely scenarios, and suggest appropriate next steps, different for different personas


Failure Prediction

Crunches data with real-time granularity, and mashes it up with historical data to forecast the likelihood of future failures


Intelligent Information

Filters out noisy data, and only keeps appropriate information. Monitors and auto-corrects information for accurate predictions


Anomaly Detection

Analyzes current conditions to identify deviations from normal operating behavior


Dynamic Rules

Factories change. Factory.360 changes along with them, using historical data and ML algorithms to generate custom rules for alerts


Intelligent Information

Monitors present conditions and likely scenarios, and suggest appropriate next steps, different

Control all the metrics that matter

With Factory.360, you no longer have to scramble for solutions as a reaction to a problem. Proactively seek out solutions, and have answers to the most important questions even before they’re asked



Get accurate answers through root-cause analysis defect identification. Optimize production time, engineer hours, and material costs



Pick out and eliminate low-hanging downtime contributors effortlessly. No more unplanned changeovers and ramp-up times



Eliminate any and all inefficiencies in your plant. Optimize every process, and always have access to production status in real time

Material Costs

Material Costs

Reduce variation and imprecise specs, to maximize material usage. Get accurate material forecasts by the day, week, or month

Powerful features for Industry 4.0

Factory.360 is built to solve manufacturing problems using AI, and comes with pre-built models that handle several common asset types and failure scenarios and recommended preventive action



Run performance tests on new models with simulated and real production data to see how they hold up, before making them live. Quickly change processes that aren’t working, without affecting live production. Also get valuable insights and training metrics


Multiple Data Sources

Our platform was built on the premise of mashing up different types of data to go beyond plain predictive maintenance. This means that we can handle enterprise back-ends, edge devices and other ambient source sto offer you a single view of any and all OEM data


Simple Integration

Integrate easily with any type of data source, cloud-based or on-premise. We have a repository of common connectors and an enterprise service bus to get your data running on our platform as quickly as possible



Factory.360 was built by Ideas2IT, which is an ISO 27001-certified organization. We take data privacy and security very seriously, and our enterprise-grade security across the platform reflects our commitment to IIoT security